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 Hangenham, May 13, 2001
Once again, the weather was perfect. Blue skies, bright sun, warm breezes. Remarkable luck. Much to our delight our English neighbors the Ashtley's were home this weekend and could also come to the celebration. The children played, Lydia napped and the rest of us chatted the day away, drinking coffee, eating cake and consuming vast amounts of good Bavarian beer and "Radler" (beer mixed with lemonade).

Carol, with shades"Dorfest"! There wasn't much advance notice about the fest, and we don't have any idea how these little fests actually get organized. But on Thursday one of the women of the village came by to invite us, and we were pleased to take part! We baked a cheesecake for the cake sale, wrapped up some home made chutney for the raffle and then joined with our neighbors for the walk to the church. The last Hangenham village celebration or "Dorfest" was held in May of '99. That was the Spring that Danelle, Johan and Jana moved in next door. Actually, that sunny festival 2 years ago, was the beginning of the warm friendship that's grown between our two families. And grown it has. Today's little outing is particularly unique because at this Dorfest, there are not three Roelands of Hangenham but four. Yep, there's second dazzling little redhead at Hangenham 17 and her name is Lydia.
the folks of #17
big sister  the most beautiful glassSundays in Germany are sometimes like this. They seem full of time. Time to sit and talk and enjoy other people's company in an unhurried and uncomplicated way. It's a very good feeling. And the Roeland's and Ashtley's are very fine people to share such a feeling with. To spend a long lazy day idling away the hours in the shadow of the little Hangenham church is a treat.
But eventually, even such time-filled days much draw to an end and late in the afternoon, sun toasted, drink filled and content we made our way (our slightly giddy way) back up the hill to our houses. I wonder, will we share another such celebration in 2003?
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