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Did you carve a pumpkin this year?
When we first moved to Germany, over 4 years ago, Halloween and all the associated customs were relatively unknown. I remember Matthias excitedly putting us all in the car and driving us over half an hour form home just to point out a small jack o'lantern he had spied on a balcony in a neighboring village. We were all quite thrilled, too. We assumed at the time that it must be another expat family. This year, carved squashes of all shapes an sizes glowed on dozens of doorsteps. Even Hangenham had a good showing.
carving table
Of course, since Halloween is a relatively new concept here, carving pumpkins is still an unusual cross cultural experiment. Anika had several "play dates" to carve this season and they were great fun. I learned several new vocabulary words trying to explain how to scoop out the squishy pumpkin innards. We even discovered that Hangenham is located just a few hills away from a pumpkin farm! A fabulous, German pumpkin farm! Life is good. They even had BLUE squashes. These people like pumpkins, and we liked them. A great pumpkin patch. We made many trips.
Now, I realize it is coming up on Spring and we really should change this holiday page to hearts or at least some pics from Christmas and New Year's. And I will do that soon. Really. But the pumpkins are such a wonderful color. I hate to put them away....
carving table

These two were carved by Anika and Katie
(the upper is by Anika and the lower by Katie).
The picture way up top of the page is of my pumpkin.

I saw an article in a magazine recently
of pumpkins filled with Christmas lights -
there's an interesting way to extend the season!
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